Mechcommander Gold extracted source

With all of the extraction tools for Mechcommander Gold that have been appearing on the web lately, I’ve decided to create an open source project that will contain the extracted source data for all Mechcommander Gold FST and PAK files –> MCGExtracted

The purpose of this project is to save time and effort for any MCG modders out there. It will also allow the casually curious to eventually browse MCG art assets, and raw game data.

Want a sneak peak of what’s been done so far?



extraction tools

The tools that I’ve been using to extract the data at this point have come exclusively from cmunsta. If you’re not yet familiar with his work check it out on his website. I’ve included many of the completed extraction scripts here. Simply add the file you want to extract into this folder (after you’ve download the project from GitHub) and then double click the appropriate script!

what you can do!

Extracting all these files takes time! The tools I’ve been using to extract the PAK and FST files, while very useful, do not include file names or types in the extracted files, so putting names to faces would help a lot. I’ve been using trid to identify many of the file types. If you’re interested in contributing to the project please contact me via GitHub or through my twitter @alexgophermix


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