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Tiberian Sun is a strategy game set in the near future on an earth rapidly being transformed by a strange crystal life-form called Tiberium. The game continues the story line from the original Command & Conquer with Kane resurfacing after being presumed dead to try and wipe out the GDI once and for all. Play as one of two major world factions: GDI or NOD and for control of the planet.

Tiberian Sun has been released as freeware and has a great single player as well as an enjoyable mutliplayer with several different possible configurations. You can download the game from one of the following links:
Download link 1 <– Fileplanet
Download link 2 <– Cnc-comm
Download link 3 <– Gamershell

The game is old so it’s only natural that is has some known issues, especially on newer machines and operating systems. Before you try to play Tiberian Sun make sure you read through the relevant articles:
Windows 7 – Tiberian Sun on Windows 7
Windows 8 – Tiberian Sun on Windows 8

There are a few other issues you may run into when installing/playing the game. See these posts on the respective issues for solutions to some of the common problems you may encounter:

  • One or more DLL files were missing or damaged. Please reinstall. This issue is related to improper installation of Tiberian Sun. See the Tiberian Sun DLL files missing or damaged post for details on how to fix your installation.
  • Failed to initialize. Please reinstall. This issue is related to compatibility issues with newer operating systems. See the Tiberian Sun Failed to initialize post for details on how to resolve these compatibility issues.
  • Westwood online support library is missing or invalid. This error is caused by issues with your Westwood internet components installation or registeration. See the Westwood online support library is missing or invalid post for details on how to fix your internet components installation.

tiberian_sun_2 tiberian_sun_3 tiberian_sun_1

If you’ve followed the above steps and are still having issues with the Tiberian Sun freeware download, please post in the comments below. To increase your chances of a solution being found include as much detail as possible (which version of the game you’re running, what operating system you have, what video card you have and steps to reproduce the issue). Screenshots are also very useful!

    January 4, 2015 at 10:54 am

    ok not sure how this works but my comand and conqour first decade doesnt work all that good all the sub menues half disipear looks like a grafix problem i want to play tiberian sun in skirmish mode but soon as i open skirmish menue half of it disipears and is impossible to select options for game play.. i have win 7 64bit

    June 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    Same problem with Win8.1 on a Dell PC. I never can see the menus. I’ll try all that suggested and i’ll tell what happens.

    Thanks for now.

    I installed the original CD-rom version of “TS” yesterday on a PC with Vista Home Premium (w/ a RadeoHD 6870), with all the pre-set installation settings (like “C:\Westwood” instead of in “Program Files”) and no patches yet. It worked fine (so far). Once again, I see keeping Vista was a good idea :)

    July 27, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    regarding windows7-64 bits, i want to know how to fix after the game is launched,all works alright but i cant see anything on the screen, i can only see my mouse cursor. it does have sounds. so it means the game is running alright, but the screen is blank. how can i fix this? help please! TY.

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