Sun Age black screen


When starting Sun Age you may run into the black screen issue. You’ll likely be able to hear the game music but will only see a black or flickering screen. There are a few possible causes for this including playing on Windows 7, using a dual monitor display, or having an unsupported video adapter. To get around this:

  1. Download patch 1.10.0.  According to the changelog, this issue appears to have beee fixed as of patch 1.10.0. You can download the patch from the official site.
  2. Disable the intro videos. If you’re still experiencing the black screen issue after patching to the latest version of Sun Age, you can also try disabling the intro videos. To do this in your Sun Age installation directory, rename the videos folder to NoVideo, or simply move it out of the installation directory so that the game can’t find the intro videos when starting up.
  3. Run the game in windowed mode. If the above two steps didn’t fix the black screen issue, run the game in windowed mode. See the following post on running Sun Age in windowed mode.

For more info on the Sun Age black screen issue check the following links:

If you’re still having trouble getting around the Sun Age black screen issue, please post a description of your problem, with as much detail as possible in the comments below. Any system information you provide (operating system, video card etc.) is also very helpful!

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