Setup a Red Eclipse server on Linux


Red Eclipse is multiplatform and has a fairly easy setup process for running a server on linux. Download the redeclipse_1.0_linux.tar.bz2 from the Red Eclipse downloads page.

  • Open a terminal and navigate to the directory that contains your redeclipse_1.0_linux.tar.bz2 and enter the following command:
    tar -xvf redeclipse_1.0_linux.tar.bz2
    This will extract your Red Eclipse directory. Now while still in terminal enter this directory and navigate to your src folder. Now enter:
  • Once this is done go to your redeclipse/data/examples and copy the serveinit.cfg and servexec.cfg files to your root redeclipse directory. Open these files and modify any settings you would like to. Most importantly in your servexec.cfg set your sv_serveroopen to 0. Once you’re done with this, in your root redeclipse directory enter:
  • Your server should now have been started. If you start up the client now, and select the local servers option you should be able to see your server and join it.

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