LoLHistory app now on iOS!

To those of you that follow this blog, you probably realized that I haven’t been posting much new content. That’s because I’ve been spending most of my time working on my latest project – the LoLHistory app. It’s a summoner lookup app that is now available for FREE for both iOS and Android. Fear not, this site isn’t dead. I’m still patching it and maintaining it as well as answering occassional comments or questions. For those of you interested in LoLHistory app I’ve added some details below :)

Here some screenshots from the latest release of the iOS version (1.3.0):

And from the latest release of the Android version (2.6.3):

Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-26-15 Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-26-19 Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-26-22 Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-26-25
You can also talk directly to the developers through our twitter:
Or our subreddit:
And you can find more information on our official website at:

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