Hamachi setup

To set up Hamachi as a virtual tunneling client through which you can play games without having to deal with the majority of firewall issues, follow these steps:

  1. Download unmanaged Hamachi. Go to https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx and download unmanaged Hamachi
  2. Create a logmein account. Go to https://secure.logmein.com/ click log in and then sign up and create an account
  3. Add a mesh network. Once you’ve created an account and signed in, click on the network tab on the left side and then click the “Add Network” button. From here select the “Mesh” network type and create a name for your new network and hit continue. Configure our join request and network password as you like and be sure to select “Free (up to 5 members) – Never expires“.
  4. Add yourself to the network. Start your LogMeIn Hamachi client on your computer and sign in. When the client opens up, under the “Network” menu, select “Join and existing network” and enter the Network ID (not the name!) and password. The Network ID is visible through your logmein network manager where you created the network in step 3. It’ll be under the edit menu for your network and will be in the format:
  5. Add others to the network. To add others simply send the same Network ID you used to join to the network to them (and the password if you set one).
  6. Play the game. Once you see both your name and the names of all the friends with green “direct tunnel” dots on the Hamachi client, you are connected! When playing online games via hamachi you’ll often be using the Direct-IP/TCP-IP multiplayer option. Here you’ll be entering the hosts Hamachi IP not their actual IP when joining. Note some games just won’t work with hamachi and some will have special steps you’ll have to follow see the respective pages on this site for more info.

If you have any questions, or experience issues setting up the network, or getting others to join it please post in the comments below. The more descriptive you are with the issue, the better the chances are that I, or someone else will be able to help you.

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