Mechcommander Gold on Linux

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There are three basic steps to running Mechcommander Gold on Linux:

  1. Install the latest version of wine – Open your Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu), or Install & Remove Software window (KDE) search for wine, and install your desired package. For other linux distributions see:
  2. Install the game – You have two options here. You can either copy the contents of your game installation on a windows machine or the contents of the MCG disk or you can install from an ISO. If you are installing from an ISO start by opening up a root terminal. After entering your password create a directory where you will be mounting the disc using:
    mkdir name_of_your_dir
    Then run:
    mount -o loop your_disk.iso /name_of_your_dir
    replacing , “name_of_your_dir”with the directory name you wish to use for your mount folder, and “your_disk.iso” for the name of your iso file. If this works you will see the disk contents in your mount folder. In this folder run:
    wine AUTORUN.EXE
    (make sure to set this file as executable by right clicking on it -> properties -> compatibility tab) and install as you would on a windows machine. For more info on mounting see
  3. Start the game – Navigate to your MCX directory and run MCX.EXE (make sure to set this file as executable by right clicking on it -> properties -> compatibility tab). If you get MechCommander Closing “MechCommander Expansion or Editor already Running”, you can try running the game from terminal by navigating to your MCX directory and entering the command:
    wine MCX.exe

For more info see:

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