Mechcommander 2 slow menu and low framerate

Mechcommander 2 has some framerate issues due to the game having hard-coded video card settings. This causes the game to run very poorly on some newer video cards. Symtoms include very slow and unresponsive main menu and  really low framerate in the game itself. To fix this framerate issue follow these steps:

  1. Open your Mechcommander 2 directory. This usually defaults to something like C:\Program Files\Mechcommander 2
  2. Delete the vidcard and badcard files. Find and move/delete the files out of your main Mechcommander 2 directory:

    If you are missing one of these files that’s ok just make sure you’ve moved/deleted all the .csv files in the root directory of Mechcommander 2 and then start the game.
  3. (Optional) Disable Hardware Rasterizer. For some people this setting considerably reduces performance without improving appearance on new machines.
  4. (Optional) Disable Detailed Textures. On at least one Windows 10 computer this setting created a weird mix of grays instead of colours and oceans looked like bright white voids.

If you’re still having framerate issues see the following posts:

If you’ve followed the steps above and checked through the provided links and still haven’t found a solution to your framerate issues please post a comment below detailing your problem and your current operating system and video card. The more detail the better!

    July 7, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    link 2 for MechCommander 2 (Microsoft released source code) does not work any longer. It shows a page no longer displayed. Please cross it off.

      Updated it on the freeware post. Thanks for the heads up. You can use the ModDB download link instead

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