Homeworld Cataclysm custom options

Homeworld Cataclysm has several options you can add when launching the game. To add an option follow these instruction:

  1. Right click on your Homeworld Cataclysm shortcut and select properties
  2. Under the shortcut tab add any of the following options. Separate all the options with spaces e.g C:\Program Files\Sierra\Cataclysm\cataclysm.exe /640 /noBorder

/heap <n> – Sets size of global memory heap to [n].
/prepath <path> – Sets path to search for opening files.
/CDpath <path> – Sets path to CD-ROM in case of ambiguity.

/enableSSE – allow use of SSE if support is detected.
/forceSSE – force usage of SSE even if determined to be unavailable.
/enable3DNow – allow use of 3DNow! if support is detected.

/dsound – forces mixer to write to DirectSound driver, even if driver reports not certified.
/dsoundCoop – switches to co-operative mode of DirectSound (if supported) to allow sharing with other applications.
/waveout – forces mixer to write to Waveout even if a DirectSound supported object is available.
/reverseStereo – swap the left and right audio channels.

/rasterSkip – enable interlaced display with software renderer.
/noBG – disable display of galaxy backgrounds.
/noFilter – disable bi-linear filtering of textures.
/noSmooth – do not use polygon smoothing.
/noCPV – do not use vertex CPV.
/nilTexture – don’t ever load textures at all.
/stipple – enable stipple alpha with software renderer.
/noShowDamage – Disables showing ship damage effects.

/safeGL – don’t use possibly buggy optimized features of OpenGL for rendering.
/triple – use when frontend menus are flickering madly.
/nodrawpixels – use when background images don’t appear while loading.
/noswddraw – don’t use DirectDraw for the software renderer.
/noglddraw – don’t use DirectDraw to setup OpenGL renderers.
/sw – reset rendering system to defaults at startup.
/noFastFE – disable fast frontend rendering.
/fullscreen – display fullscreen with software renderer (default).
/window – display in a window.
/noBorder – no border on window.
/640 – run at 640×480 resolution (default).
/800 – run at 800×600 resolution.
/1024 – run at 1024×768 resolution.
/1280 – run at 1280×1024 resolution.
/1600 – run at 1600×1200 resolution.
/device <dev> – select an rGL device by name, eg. sw, fx, d3d.
/nohint – disable usage of OpenGL perspective correction hints.
/aiplayerLog – enable AI Player Logging
/SaveMPGames – periodically save multiplayer games

/nopal – disable paletted texture support.


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