Homeworld 2 over Hamachi

Homeworld 2 can be played fairly easily online using Hamachi. Two basic steps will be required for this to work:

  1. Install Hamachi and join a network with your friend(s). Follow the steps on the Hamachi setup page, on how to install Hamachi and create and join networks.
  2. Join a game through LAN. With all of your friends in the same Hamachi network and online, go to the Homeworld 2 LAN menu and have one person in the network host the game. The rest should see the game appear automatically here. If you don’t see the game go back the multiplayer and select the “Direct TCP/IP” menu and enter the host’s hamachi ip (not their local or WAN ip).

If you’re still having trouble connecting you most likely have a firewall issue. Hamachi can confuse your firewall because it is recognized as a connection to an outside network on some operating systems, especially Windows 7. Try adding Hamachi as an exception to your firewall settings, but if that still doesn’t work you can turn off firewall for Public Networks in Control Panel/Windows Firewall. MAKE SURE that this doesn’t open your system up to outside threats. Do this at your own risk!

If nothing here helped you play Homeworld 2 over Hamachi, please post the issue that you’re having and describe the steps you followed in as much detail as possible.

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