Age of Mythology skip intro

To skip the intro cinematics in Age of Mythology (Titans) you have two possible options:

  • Add the +noIntroCinematics option to the user.cfg file. Find your user.cfg file located in Age of Mythology\startup and add the following option:
    It is possible that you won’t have this file yet. If this is the case just create it in the Age of Mythology\startup folder or download the fixed version here.
  • Add the +noIntroCinematics command line switch to the patch shortcut. Right click on the Age if Mythology shortcut and select properties. In the target field add a space and then the following command line option:
    Once this is done start the game from this shortcut.

If you’ve tried both of these options and still can’t skip the intro cinematics for Age of Mythology or Titans please post a description of the issue you’re having and the steps you followed in the comments below. The more detail the better!

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