Welcome to The Game Engine! To get started head to our game directory. This site hosts a wide variety of information valuable to all gamers especially those that have spent tireless hours struggling to coerce buggy or outdated games to run.

Main focus:

+ General Bug/Crash workarounds and fixes
+ OS Compatibility Issues
+ Freeware download links
+ Modding guides

Help us help you!

Our goal is to provide a user friendly resource focused on getting these old games working modern operating systems. This is a very large and complex goal even for the few games that we support and as such we need your help! Feel free to ask questions via the submit a question form, and comment on your experiences/issues on relevant posts whenever possible so we can improve our resources.

Tools and extras

  • Text editors
    • Pspad. Multipurpose text editor
    • Notepad++. Another multipurpose text editor
  • Dev tools
    • Xenu. An excellent link checker for web devs.
    • 7zip. Unzipping utility
  • Video
    • CamStudio. Free recording software
    • CamStudio Codec. A codec that greatly improves the performance of camstudio. With Mechcommander Gold this meant the difference between ~20 fps and ~110 fps, though this will depend on your machine.
  • Miscellaneous
    • wine. Running windows application from linux
    • Hamachi. Client for setting up virtual networks
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